Celebrating the success of DBI’s work on Caboose Brewing Company, this online brochure skillfully relates the process of reimagining a run-down warehouse as a highly acclaimed brewery and dining destination. Woven into the story are brief descriptions of the art of brewing, which provide natural pauses between parts of the narrative and metaphorically represent the project’s design phases. The masterful text and industrial, earthy graphics combine to create an “urban rustic” aesthetic that elevates the brochure above standard industry marketing collateral. After e-blasting the brochure announcement and link on Issuu.com to our contact list, we received accolades from numerous clients and colleagues. Within 6 months, our brochure received 3,218 impressions and 485 reads (clicks)—translating into a CTR of 15.07%! Considering that the average standard CTR benchmark (according to Doubleclick/Google*) for the past 6 months has been a mere 0.15% for rich media interactions, our CTR is truly significant. In addition, the benchmark for average interaction time in the past 6 months was 13.91 seconds—and ours a staggering 3 minutes and 55 seconds—which, we believe, is an indication that the audience was keenly engaged with the brochure. Our marketing analytics goals achieved, we were even more pleased to acquire another brewery client—and to secure another brewery project with Caboose. We consider the brochure an unequivocal success, a marketing challenge that has not only broadened DBI’s brand and expanded its client base, but also established the firm as a serious contender in the ever-expanding brewery design market.

AWARD: 1st Place2016 SMPS National Marketing Communications Award

CATEGORY: Digital Brochure

TEAM: Raj Banga / Sancha Flynn / Rebecca Zinn / Kinga Wojtusiak / Alexeus Nicol

Photography: Ebong Ukor / Toni Sandys


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