American Type Culture Collection

“ATCC embarked on a design of its corporate administration offices beginning November 2019. This included an open office plan, conference rooms, break areas, private offices and data center. Consistent with our company policy, the project required the cooperation of several contractors, so it was necessary to go through a rigorous, open-bid process. As a result, DBI was selected as the best choice. We were particularly impressed by Michael Boyer, as he merged his modern thinking and experience with his highly functional sensitivity to the design features we were hoping to achieve in this project. These features were proposed before the challenges of a global pandemic and evolved to become what ATCC views as even better improvements to house its employees under one roof for optimal company collaboration, safety and health and wellness. Although the project is moving swiftly toward completion, we can state without any reservations that choosing DBI was the right fit for ATCC. We look forward to debuting the new face of its corporate offices for its employees, customers, partners and the Northern Virginia community.”

Raymond H. Cypess, DVM, Ph.D, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Type Culture Collection

American Wind Energy Association (now American Clean Power)

“With our office build-out project complete, I can wholeheartedly endorse the work of DBI and, in particular, our designer Michael Boyer. Our effort presented a somewhat challenging assignment. We were shifting the team from two floors to one for better cohesion and wanted more options for collaboration with flexible workspace. While we had little change in overall footprint, we wanted to move from a very hierarchical structure to one that was a bit more dynamic—and stay LEED Gold in the process. With Michael’s leadership and vision, that has been solidly achieved. The team—even those moving from offices to open workspace—are enjoying the outcome! The space works well for us, balancing polish and fun, and conveys the energy that we try to bring to our mission. Bottom line—would I hire DBI again? Absolutely!”

Pam Poisson, CFO and Senior Vice President, Operations, American Wind Energy Association


“Michael Boyer and his staff of talented architects have been a pleasure to work with during the process of relocating two of our KLNB offices, which included the relocation of our company’s headquarters. Throughout the entire process, they managed to provide premier design services and impeccable construction coordination—all while keeping our budget constraints a top priority. Moving two major offices at the same time could have easily been a very stressful and unpleasant experience; however, with DBI Architects, we had the peace of mind all along that we were in great hands.”

Marc A. Menicks, President, KLNB, LLC

Summit Consulting

“From start to finish, we were totally delighted and impressed with every aspect of our experience with the team from DBI. Each was creative, thoughtful, and fully responsive to our questions as the design and build-out process moved forward. The DBI team continually thought “out-of-the-box” and encouraged us to do the same in order to create a unique, modern, bright, functional space that inspires our employees to look forward to coming to the office each day. We highly recommend DBI Architects, Inc.”

Anthony Curcio, Principal, Summit Consulting, LLC

USAID (United States Agency for International Development)

“USAID/Washington’s new training center in Crystal City—the Washington Learning Center—has taken the Agency to a new level in the provision of training to Washington and overseas staff. Among other things, the sheer beauty of the facility . . . combined with outstanding location and panoramas of natural light have elicited superlatives such as “fantastic,” “spectacular,” “beautiful,” and many other similarly effusive adjectives. Without a shadow of doubt, the design of the space is one reason for the accolades. It truly is spectacular—from the sleek, contemporary reception to the beautifully appointed training rooms, to the awesome Tech Café and adjoining hoteling space. For this we have DBI to thank—most especially architect extraordinaire, Marcy Trepke. We could not have hoped for a more beautiful yet fully functional space. Fantastic job, DBI!”

John P. Peevey, Director of Office of Management Services, USAID

BAE Systems

“DBI’s design of our new facility was innovative and far-reaching, from the color scheme to the conference room layouts. A day hasn’t gone by that the employees have not received accolades from visitors regarding the natural lighting, pleasing ambiance and space configuration. DBI delivered solid results to make this a showcase facility that has made coming to work a pleasure, as well as positively impacting the employees’ morale. Well done to the entire DBI Team of professionals!”

Ed Cornely, Operations Director, BAE Systems


“In an industry full of talk about how to create collaborative office environments, the fundamental objective remains consistent, no matter what the company’s function—to be more productive and to foster employee satisfaction and workplace wellness. DBI has consistently delivered a product that accomplishes this goal.”

Marc DeLuca, Regional President, KBS

Caboose Brewing Company

“After a great experience working with DBI on the design and build-out of Mandiant’s offices in Reston, I knew we would reach a similar level of success on this project. Both the DBI team and the folks from Alliance completely embraced our vision and were with us every step of the way. Since our opening in May 2015, we have been fortunate to receive countless rave responses for not only our beer and food, but also the space we have created, and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come.”

Matt Greer, Owner, Caboose Brewing Company

Cassidy Turley

“DBI achieved all of our goals with our recent corporate office project. DBI was creative yet cost conscious with design selections, responsive and diligent when addressing action items, and above all, continually committed to client satisfaction. They are a ‘best in class’ design firm in my opinion!”

Adrian Conforti, Senior Vice President, Principal, Cassidy Turley


“Acumen is very pleased with the quality of services and the professionalism of the DBI staff. We enjoyed working with a team that truly listened to and recognized our needs while providing solutions based on professional knowledge and experience. The cooperation and collaboration that Michael Boyer and his team brought to our project everyday was greatly appreciated. Not only were RFIs and submittals reviewed and returned quickly, but DBI staff regularly visited the job site to help coordinate any required field changes as they were discovered so that the design intent was upheld while ensuring that the construction schedule was never compromised.”

Mark Bates, Office Operations Manager, Acumen, LLC

Emergent BioSolutions

“DBI’s team turned our vision into a reality. Through interactive design sessions, the team developed a design that embodies Emergent’s Core Values and Corporate Commitments throughout our new headquarters. DBI was professional and creative throughout the design and build-out processes, bringing knowledge and expertise to the table to help lead the construction effort. We set out to build an innovative work environment that provides our employees a positive and energetic atmosphere, and DBI helped us achieve this goal. Employee feedback on our space has been overwhelmingly positive. The space is professional, clean, and open. We could not be happier with the results and look forward to future collaborations with DBI.”

Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi, President & CEO, Emergent BioSolutions Inc.


“The DBI team nailed it. We set out to create a space that embodied the purpose-driven mission of GetWellNetwork, and a culture built on innovation, collaboration, and teaming. From the architectural design, to the space layout, to the furniture . . . The DBI team delivered on our vision. They were a great partner in our journey to our new home.”

Michael B. O’Neil, Jr., Founder & CEO, GetWellNetwork, Inc.

Fairfax County Public Schools

“FCPS staff and visitors are delighted with the open, modern, and bright administrative headquarters. The DBI Team, Marcy Trepke, Kinga Wojtusiak, and Charlene Fowler, exceeded expectations, providing sincere collaborative leadership to achieve an inspiring environment that conveys a strong conviction of our brand, values, culture, and goals. DBI’s flexibility, creative thinking, and problem solving achieved a successful balance of project excellence on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule.”

Mark Hilty, Assistant Director, Design and Construction Services, Fairfax County Public Schools

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

“CFP Board’s new office space sets the standard for a working environment that is both practical and pleasing to work in. From the clean lines of the design and layout to the open spaces and vibrant colors, our workspace emits good, positive energy. It is the perfect environment for our team to do their very best work – and for our guest to enjoy when they come here.”

Kevin Keller, CEO, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.


“We are absolutely thrilled with our new Reston space. Visitors to our office comment on the modern, open, and fresh design and our employees could not be happier. The DBI team was professional, responsive, and completely understood what we were trying to accomplish. Our new office truly conveys the strength of the Mandiant brand, and provides a positive and productive environment for our staff. Our thanks to DBI for a job well done.”

Matt Greer, Director of Infrastructure, Mandiant Corporation

GeoEye (now Maxar)

“DBI Architects has designed a great, contemporary interior space for us with an impressive look that truly captures who we are and how far we’ve come: it says GeoEye is a growing high-tech company that’s here to stay. GeoEye’s new corporate headquarters provides a showcase for our innovative, exciting technology, and it has allowed us to improve service to our key customers in the Washington, D.C. area. The unique architectural details command your attention the moment you step off the elevators – from the imagery tiling in the floor to the exposed ceiling in the spacious lobby. The space has a sleek, clean, and energetic vibe, and we could not be happier with the results.”

Matt O’Connell, President & CEO, GeoEye, Inc.


“Choosing to work with DBI Architects was the most pivotal and important decision of our construction project. Not only did they provide a re-design plan for our office that met all of our needs, they also brought skilled contractors, product recommendations, custom interior design touches and project management that we would never have found anywhere else. Our production team had never worked with a designer that was so attentive and prompt in resolving construction issues. DBI Architects truly helped us get the most out of every dollar we spent.”

Dan Moser, Vice President, PIXIA

Newmark Group

“For several years, we have worked with DBI on the design and repositioning of both the Tysons Dulles Plaza and Willow Oaks Corporate Center projects on behalf of KBS. We always find DBI to be innovative and imaginative in developing a plan and pricing options that will suit our needs. DBI provides exceptional service matched with an excellent quality of work and always seeks to find solutions for challenges. Their significant contribution was fundamental to the overall success of these projects.”

Edwin Clark III, Executive Managing Director, Newmark Group, Inc.

Angle House

“I commend DBI for their design efforts regarding Angle House, my prototype home in the Shenandoah Valley. Our project started as an idea in which I wanted to rethink the possibilities of a single-family home, utilize new technologies, and implement significant value engineering to reduce cost—a house with a functional and aesthetic value beyond what would normally be possible at its cost of construction. From our first conversation, the team at DBI embraced these challenges and were eager partners in thinking outside the box. While many other architects and firms might have hesitated on this project and its requirements, the team at DBI found creative ways to achieve our objectives. Today, our completed project is a striking home that stands out from others in the community. I would recommend the team at DBI to anyone considering a similar project.”

Michael Gorman, Managing Director, Wilson Rainer & Partners


“A-TEK had the pleasure of working with DBI Architects on our new office project. Using our new brand coupled with their creativity, attention to detail, project oversight, and a genuine desire to ensure our project would be exceptionally pleasing to us, Michael and Kaitlin guided us novices from start to finish. From the unique architectural design, color palettes, furniture selections and light fixtures, to the proper placement of white boards on the walls, they covered it all. Working with this team made the project less stressful because I was confident that Michael had our best interests in mind, would stay within budget, and work hard to make sure the project was delivered on time.”

Kathryn B. Freeland, MBA, President & CEO, A-TEK Companies, Inc.

Reston Bible Church

“The church building is serving exactly as it should. It is beautiful, functional, warm, inviting, and a fabulous physical anchor for our spiritual needs, as well as a place to serve others. The back storage and food storage areas are the key to the ministry that is feeding hundreds of families a week. The Youth Building not only perfectly serves the Youth on Sunday, but also budding Spanish and Arabic bible churches under the RBC wing.”

Matt Haley, Advisor, Reston Bible Church

The Donohoe Companies

“Successfully relocating your corporate offices after 38 years in the same location can be a significant challenge for any organization, unless you assemble the right team. The Donohoe Companies, Inc. did just that with the guidance and collaboration of DBI. Through strategic design, to support updated work flow processes and the creation of a highly efficient office environment, DBI was able to provide expertise that yielded an excellent result.”

Mark Barry, Senior Vice President, The Donohoe Companies, Inc.