DBI believes in mentoring its employees while giving them the freedom to excel. We encourage independent, proactive thinking and reward dedication. DBI’s greatest resource is our people. Over the past 45 years, DBI has created a working environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Most importantly, DBI recognizes that people prosper when they enjoy what they do and the people with whom they do it. In other words, work should be FUN! DBI and its employees are continuously organizing activities, from volleyball to Oktoberfest, where everyone can enjoy themselves, get to know each other better, and become a more unified team.


DBI Architects brings to the field of architecture and interior design an inspired, inclusive, and forward-looking design methodology. DBI presents one of the longest continual legacies of diversity in the industry – we embraced multiformity in the workplace decades before its importance was seen in the industry at-large. With inclusion of women in leadership roles, representation of minorities at all levels of management and staff, and the welcoming of differences as the rule rather than the exception, DBI has, over the years, become a crucible where talent and initiative are the defining factors. That talent and initiative have borne out in ground-breaking, award-winning designs.