With each new interior project, DBI begins by observing. We observe, and we listen, to better understand how a space must function, to meet the client’s needs. We observe and we listen, to create dynamic spaces that meet those needs..

DBI approaches each project as an opportunity to explore the unique qualities it presents — site, client, user groups, and organizational culture. Every project is a quest for the best possible solution. DBI’s enthusiasm and expertise ensure that this strategy is implemented in the most strategic way, developing spaces of unparalleled functionality and sophistication, positioned to foster meaningful human interaction and successful business outcomes.

In addition to analyzing the client’s space objectives and design standards, DBI’s visioning process considers how emerging trends we see today are shaping the future. We work with the client to support new modes that they seek to embrace, recognizing that the success of implementing flexible and alternative environments relies on the facilitation of communication, and sometimes depends on organizational reconfiguration, along with well-integrated and effective technology. Our work for every project represents a unique response that embodies an internal consistency of detail, materiality, sustainability, and technological integration.

From specialty suites to entire buildings, DBI’s interior architectural designs resonate, creating environments where people want to work, to live, to be. Our work embraces forward-thinking, contemporary design, delivering to our clients cutting-edge, dynamic, creative results.