The renovation of the Antonio Ortiz-Mena Board Room involved the integration of new state-of-the-art technology with the architecture of this 4,000 SF, two-story space. The features include a custom designed conference table to accommodate a maximum of 23 participants, and personal consoles for approximately 100 additional participants. In addition, skylight-like light fixtures were introduced, capable of tracking the outdoor light levels during the day and changing intensity accordingly, to provide a sense of connection to the outside in this interior room.

The Bank’s corporate culture has always operated from a majority of private offices, with a very small percentage of the personnel in open workstations. The Finance Group is no exception; therefore it was quite a challenge to redesign their space as an almost 100% open office environment. DBI conducted an exhaustive study of the operations of this group, which is lead by the Bank’s CFO and includes the Bank’s Trading Room.


38,200 SF


Washington, DC


April 2010


Associated Builders and Contractors – 2011 Craftsmanship Award

Project Team

Shen Milsom & Wilke
Donohoe Construction Company
Capitol Engineering Group

Photos © Prakash Patel