To design the new United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Training Facility in Arlington, Virginia, DBI tackled the task of situating an educational training center in the middle of a high-rise office building. A code analysis challenge, training centers have a much higher occupancy load than that of the typical office spaces for which a building is usually designed. After hours of code interpretation and number-crunching, DBI’s team added a two-hour–rated fire assembly, which separates the sixth floor in halves in the event of an emergency; expanded the women’s plumbing fixture count; and held three meetings with Arlington County—and, then, successfully obtained a permit for construction.

The 42,306-SF facility occupies the building’s sixth floor, where USAID personnel attend educational and continued learning programs, as well as a small suite on the fifth floor for business support functions. DBI created flexible spaces to accommodate the daily variations in USAID’s training schedule and courses, which include e-Learning classes; Foreign Service Training and Development courses, such as Food for Peace, Economics, Global Health, and Stabilization and Governance; Project Management Training; and Environment and Natural Resource Management.


42,306 SF


Arlington, VA


February 2012


LEED Silver

Project Team

Vornado/Charles E. Smith
HITT Contracting
GPI Engineering, Inc.
Ehlert Bryan

Photos © Eric Taylor