The space is infused with the Coca-Cola brand throughout. A feature wall at the reception desk is made from nearly 500 vintage Coca-Cola bottles; throughout the space, clean lines and modern/natural finishes act as the perfect background to a blend of vibrant current and historical branding. The design is meant to present an art collection that is engraved in the collective memory of the world

This is “where Coke meets Washington,” so the reception areas and conference spaces must convey with the highest level of design. The conference room and main reception area are designed to showcase a panoramic view of the White House and the Washington Monument

The design is transparent to promote cultural openness. Shared/private use spaces like Focus Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Conference Rooms of different sizes, etc. are available to all staff and visitors.

A refreshment area known as “The Commons” is conveniently situated adjacent to the reception area and conference room, and near workstations, to provide easy access to refreshments for staff, visitors, and guests.


3,200 SF


Washington, DC


June 2022

Project Team

Metropolitan Engineering

Photos © Chris Spielmann