Roseanne Beattie, AIA


Bachelor of Architecture
University of Maryland, 1979

Drawing on 40 years of industry experience, Ms. Beattie contributes significantly to DBI’s overall strengths, adding both depth and breadth to the firm’s collective and evolving body of knowledge. Focusing her career on large government and institutional clients, as well as a substantial balance of private sector work, she has held the longest-running contracts at DBI, managing projects for the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and the International Monetary Fund for 18 years. Roseanne believes that the success of both short- and long-term projects depends on several factors: maintaining schedule deadlines and being responsive to client concerns; defining the problem at hand and finding the best—yet most cost-effective—solution; having the ability to adapt to change as projects evolve in scope; and anticipating and resolving challenges before they arise. For Roseanne’s long-term clients, she and DBI have responded to more than 5,000 individual task orders.