Inspired by California’s “surf city” vibe, this West Coast-based company infused its East Coast location near Capitol Hill with a beachy yet simple palette of ocean, indigo, and violet underscored by clean modern lines. The main objective was to create a space that embodied the purpose-driven mission of its staff and culture built on innovation, collaboration, and teaming while infusing a minimalist design with a vibrant flair throughout the space. With a staff consisting of 65 employees, over 80% of whom are Millennials, it was important to maintain a flexible and casual working environment.

The open studio space was broken into seven neighborhoods. Each includes streamlined open workstations, private meeting rooms, phone booths, and open collaborative lounge areas to promote impromptu discussions. Most enclosed offices were double occupied with full-height glass walls to maintain the visual connection to the adjacent studio and natural light.


23,806 SF


Washington, DC


November 2016

Project Team

DFS Construction
GPI Engineering
OEII – Allsteel

Photos © Eric Taylor