A group of enthusiastic volunteers from DBI gathered before sunrise at DCBIA’s 22nd Annual Community Improvement Day to welcome and register event participants.  Bringing together volunteers from the DC real estate industry, the event addresses a significant neighborhood project selected by the DCBIA Community Services Committee.  On Saturday, September 27, DBI’s volunteers joined with 900 other event participants to complete this year’s project:  the revitalization of the Dwight A. Mosley Sports Complex—the area of which is three times larger than last year’s project location.

In collaboration with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, DCBIA and its volunteers improved the Complex’s sports fields, installed new playground equipment, and created an outdoor classroom.  Volunteers installed shade structures, additional seating, and new landscaping, signage, and artwork to improve visitors’ overall experience at the park.  To ensure that the space appeals to a range of age groups, designers also created a skate park and expanded the park’s community garden.

DBI is pleased to have sponsored this event.  Thanks to Jennifer Abbott, Leslie Davis, Sancha Flynn, Steve Foster, Michael Hartman, Alexeus Nicol, Vanessa Reisin, Beth Todd, and Marcy Trepke for volunteering on behalf of the DBI Team!