On Saturday, September 28, volunteers from DBI rolled up their sleeves to participate in DCBIA’s 21st Annual Community Improvement Day, joining more than 800 volunteers to renovate the Lederer Gardens and Environmental Education Center in Ward 7, Washington, DC.

Tasks included expanding the community gardens; adding instruction areas and learning gardens; improving storage, composting, and on-site water collection; enhancing the reflecting area dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.; adding signage, seating, and plantings; and creating an outdoor kitchenette area to distribute produce to the community.

Thanks to Anne Regan, Charlene Fowler, Farihah Saleem, Kaitlin Dyer, Linda Gaston, Marcy Trepke, Masha Casey, Melissa McClanahan, Rachel Williams, and Vanessa Reisin for coming out to support the DBI Team!

Please click on the image below to view the 21st Annual Community Improvement Day time-lapse video.