Brickyard, a DBI-designed co-working space in Ashburn, Virginia, was recently honored with two 2017 Signatures of Loudoun design awards. The project, which taps into the previously unserved market of shared office space for suburbia, received both the Best Interiors and Student’s Choice awards. The Loudoun County Design Cabinet, a voluntary collaboration of planning and design professionals, has held the Signatures of Loudoun awards since 2005 to recognize design excellence throughout the County. Brickyard’s objective was to create an open workspace with a residential feel to provide a comfortable yet chic office environment for start-ups, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small business owners. The company’s 3,000-SF flagship location in Ashburn, which features wood accents reclaimed from a local barn built in 1875 and steel window frames forged by a regional blacksmith, has received a very positive response from the community. DBI congratulates designers Anne Regan and Jennifer Abbott on their award-winning work—and thanks Ed Zigo, Brickyard’s owner, for the opportunity to work on this exciting project.