Jazz is my passion. I was nine years old, heard my neighbor, Mia Chong, playing Fugue G Minor on the trumpet, that was the moment I knew I wanted music in my life. From that point on, I play in ensembles whenever possible. I am a member of Sunset Brass, and on occasion have the opportunity to play 3rd trumpet with Victor Lombardo.

Although I am a competent and capable draftsman, I am more drawn toward technology and production efficiency over actual design.  I find myself spending my free time researching better production techniques that will encourage accuracy and time efficiency.  These are only two of the myriad of capabilities that BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides, in addition to multi-discipline interoperability.

BIM is not just Revit Architecture. With the help of my peers, I will continuously research the latest techniques, methods, and softwares that will guarantee DBI’s position in the World of BIM.                     Justin Benjamin

Justin embodies the concept of hard work. His passion for and devotion to his craft are unlike anyone with whom I have worked. He goes the extra mile without being asked and truly sets the standard for young architects. Geoffrey Lewis, Director