At its heart, DBI is a community. We are 40 staff and interns, all working together to achieve the best outcomes possible. The quality and output of each of those 40 – day-to-day, week-to-week, throughout the year – is truly remarkable. We work together, and we work well together, with camaraderie, energy, and joy.

And, even against this background of excellence and pulling together, each year there is outstanding performance that must be recognized. DBI is proud of the overall level of excellence demonstrated by all, and we celebrate those who raise the bar to the next level.

This year, two of DBI staff were recognized for Outstanding Performance:

Director Tracy Tato consistently strives to meet the client’s needs, going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. She is detail oriented, but also sees the big picture, as she puts in the time necessary – nights and weekends, early and late – to meet project deadlines. Tracy also works hard at bringing new clients along while maintaining great relationships with those we’ve been working with for some time.

Designer Brittany Hult always takes the time to mentor interns, getting them started in their new position. She keeps a very positive attitude, takes on projects, and manages the added responsibility with style and grace. Brittany can always be depended on to pitch in as needed. She has an amazing work ethic, works hard to make sure work relationships are positive and fun, and maintains extracurricular industry-based relationships.

For these reasons, and many more, Tracy Tato and Brittany Hult were recognized for their Outstanding Performance. We congratulate them both.