The design world is a better place today than a couple of decades ago.  Green consciousness has pervaded every aspect of design, and high design and sustainable design are no longer competing agendas.

There are so many green tools in our toolbox.  Green councils, associations, programs, and reference materials provide a wealth of pertinent sustainable design knowledge and inspiration.  The design marketplace now exhibits a myriad of lower VOC products, a growing bounty of products with recycled-content, and products with lower-energy mechanics  such as LED light bulbs.

But the challenge of the continuous climb towards a fully sustainable design practice is that the shift must happen one mind at a time, one product selection at a time, one design solution at a time, one project at a time.

As the sustainable design community continues to evolve, DBI Architects will continue to contribute to the evolution, expand our knowledge, and push for purposeful sustainable design and innovation on each project until one day there is a new norm of fully sustainable design.

Marcy L. Trepke