DBI was recently commissioned by our client AOL, with whom we have been working on a variety of projects, to create “something different” for the open pantry/ seating areas in the Kimsey Building, located at their Dulles, Virginia campus, where their employees gather for casual meetings, social events, and mid-day meals. 

The resulting design incorporated a set of custom “fuselage benches” along with some other fun and lively furnishings.  This “out-of-the box” furniture completes the design of the newly renovated pantry/ seating areas, which are open to a central Atrium that allows all to view the latest furniture arrival!

The fuselage benches are manufactured by MotoArt, a company that specializes in custom furniture and sculptures, created specifically from real aircraft parts and machinery. The only request from AOL with regard to the design of the benches was that the exterior finish be a “writeable” surface, so it could also function as a white board. The fuselage benches are functional as well as comfortable and most importantly they are not your typical office lounge furniture!