More than 700,000 carpet samples will ship this year, helping architects and interior designers move closer to choosing the perfect carpet for installation into their projects.

And while Tryk® sustainable samples have greatly reduced this number; far too many samples still make the short trip from the resource library to the landfill. Ample Sample gives designers the chance to take what is destined for the trash and upcycle them into other purposeful goods… or just something cool.

Ample Sample 2010 challenges you to “Rethink. Reuse. Upcycle”, and repurpose these samples, after their usefulness to a design project, to make a design product. Winning designs will be judged upon criteria of aesthetics, purpose, ease of creation, creativity, durability, number/volume of carpet samples or Tryks used.

The best ideas will be showcased at NeoCon 2010 and featured on the website, complete with blueprints and instructions for their designs. The cut-off date for entries is May 28th, so don’t hesitate.

Visit their website to view the winners