1. White Bread: To clean oil paintings (and pick up broken glass….thanks Leslie)

2. Ketchup:  To remove tarnish from copper & brass.

3. Oatmeal:  Create a paste to clean really dirty hands.

4. Rice:  Use uncooked rice and water to help clean thin necked vases/ bottles.

5.Tea:  Soak rusty garden tools in black tea and scour to remove rust.

6. Glycerin:  Helps to remove dried wax from candlesticks.

7.Club Soda: Cleans scuffed stainless steel sinks.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide:  Disinfect your keyboard.

9.Cornstarch- Remove grease stains from carpet.

10. Rubbing Alcohol:  Remove permanent marker from wood floors and solid surface countertops.

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