Providing high-quality dinnerware solutions to a variety of markets, Integrus Holdings Inc. is the parent company of four subsidiary sectors, including Fortessa Tableware Solutions. Founded in Loudoun County in 1993, the company has expanded nationally and internationally and serves more than 160 countries. Despite its global footprint, Integrus wanted to keep its roots local and, in 2017, relocated its corporate headquarters from Sterling to One Loudoun, an upmarket mixed-use development in Ashburn. Streamlining the company’s headquarters from 12,000 to 8,000 SF, this relocation also required the integration of several space types (including retail, office, and warehouse space) into one building. DBI created a headquarters that (1) showcased each brand of the Integrus family, (2) supported the company’s innovative mission, and (3) provided the functionality required by each space while blending these spaces into a unified whole.


41,304 SF


Ashburn, VA


August 2017

Project Team

The Magellan Group
Lansdowne Construction
KTA Group
Poss Productions

Photos © David Galen