mHelpDesk’s CEO requested that DBI design an “office with no boundaries” for the start-up’s new headquarters. Bespeaking the company’s casual yet fast-paced culture, its workspace reflects the authenticity of the mHelpDesk brand and steers clear of typical office space design. DBI avoided placing any physical barriers that would indicate job hierarchy in the space—a design strategy to encourage teaming and creativity among employees. Thus, the space does not have enclosed offices, even for the owner; all design decisions and material selections were made to ensure that this vision was implemented consistently. Because mHelpDesk is a call center, creating an open concept workplace with limited noise pollution was one of the project’s key challenges, which DBI overcame through several acoustical absorption techniques.


8,465 SF


Fairfax, VA


November 2015

Project Team

DDG Virginia Engineering, PC
Spectrum Inc. General Contracting

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