While working with Standard Solar on its new headquarters in Rockville, MD, the main objective was creation of a space embodying the purpose-driven mission of its staff and culture, built on innovation, collaboration, and teaming, while infusing a clean design with an energy, brightness, and warmth that is reminiscent of solar rays themselves. You are immediately welcomed at Standard Solar with rich hues and vibrant yellow tones, crisp high-gloss whites, warm walnut veneer, exposed polished concrete floors, and a custom reception desk that incorporates actual solar panels. The open studio space was broken into five main neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a vibrant backdrop of color with custom graphics that tie into Standard Solar’s branding. All workstations were designed with height adjustable desks to maximize human ergonomics and to allow access to natural light and views.


16,372 SF


Rockville, MD


March 2020

Project Team

HBW Construction
GPI Engineering
Officeworks – Teknion

Photos © Matthew Borkoski