On Africa’s Niger delta, the new urban enclave known as Yenagoa City Center will provide a carefully designed mix of high-end retail, cultural and entertainment venues, and dining options, as well as world-class office buildings, a secure luxury residential complex (2,500 residents), a clubhouse, a school, and two boutique hotels. The City Centre will provide its own power and water, enabling it to be a completely self-sufficient community. Neighborhoods are organized around a biaxial parkland arrangement that provides a unique sense of place and beautiful public amenities. The developer sought to create a self-sufficient community for mixed-use development with a strong and sophisticated open space network. The community should provide a secure environment with clear division among public, semi-public and private areas. Features taken into consideration are the demand for high-quality modern living and the local climate conditions. Yenagoa City Centre is a unique development that is the first of its kind, meant to set the standard for others.


3.4 Million SF on 138.3 Acres


Yenagoa, Nigeria

Project Team

Weiboro Properties

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