Al Storm, AIA, IIDA


Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences
University of Arkansas, 1972

Al Storm

Mr. Storm has 46 years of architectural design, management, and real estate experience. As the majority owner of DBI, he has overall responsibility for the firm’s strategic direction, design philosophy, management, and marketing. He is closely involved with the conceptual design of major projects and works with senior staff to oversee the firm’s direction and performance. A dedicated, discerning, and inspiring leader since joining the Design for Business companies in 1975, he is both a consummate architect and an esteemed industry authority. In addition to his commitment to staff mentoring and development, Mr. Storm views client satisfaction as DBI’s ultimate objective. He values the enduring relationships that DBI develops with clients, building owners, government contractors, and federal and local governments—and views these relationships as a testament to the principles of integrity and truth upon which DBI is based. “Few things are more gratifying,” he comments, “than taking a lot of detailed information, as well as human feelings and desires, and assimilating everything into a design solution that surpasses my client’s expectations.”