Azzaya Batsuuri

Interior Designer

Master of Arts, Interior Design
Marymount University, 2022

Master of Arts, Modern History
Jilin University, China, 2013

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Management
University of the Humanities, Mongolia, 2010

Bachelor of Arts, Chinese Language
University of the Humanities, Mongolia, 2007

Azzaya Batsuuri

Azzaya Batsuuri has come the greatest distance to join the DBI team as an Interior Designer. Originally from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Azzaya is fluent in Mongolian, English, and Chinese. She holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Marymount University. She also holds a B.A. in Environmental Management and a B.A. in Chinese Language from Mongolia’s University of the Humanities, and an M.A. in the Modern History of China from Jilin University, in Jilin Province, People’s Republic of China. Azzaya has worked as an interpreter for businesses trading with Chinese enterprises.

Azzaya’s environmental studies centered on indoor air quality, as an outgrowth of an air purifier business she founded. Asked to speak at a Student’s Research Conference at the University of the Humanities, her presentation was so well-received that she was strongly encouraged to seek her degree in Environmental Management. That sort of accomplishment continues to follow Azzaya. Coming to DBI as an intern in December of 2021, she has become an expert in DBI’s various libraries of finishes and furnishings. Her first assignments were to help designers locate and order finish materials samples, and to keep the firm’s libraries up-to-date.

Now, as a full-time staff member, Azzaya is contributing by creating construction documents, and is becoming involved in design development. She also creates photorealistic 3-D renderings of designed spaces. A creative, organized, self-directed, and motivated individual, Azzaya is willing to offer and contribute everything she has learned professionally, to be a supportive team member.