Firehook Bakery & Coffee House is located in a prominent ground floor suite of this 13-story office building in Tysons Corner. The street level location made lighting an important part of the design. Pendant fixtures at the windows and over the service counter provide two varied levels of lighting that draw the eyes of passersby. The palette is neutral with pops of color to add excitement and vitality to the space. An open ceiling and curved walls provide an impression of spaciousness and motion.

The fitness center of 1800 Tysons is located on the lowest, windowless level of the 13-story building. The space was renovated to give it a more comfortable, residential, and spa-like atmosphere, achieved by optimizing lighting and concealing the handicapped access equipment.


Firehook Bakery & Coffee House | 2,286 SF
Fitness Center | 2,685 SF


McLean,  VA


March 2006

Project Team

Lerner Enterprises
KTA Group
PMC Construction
SKA Engineers